creative and healing retreats
private rentals




creative and healing retreats
private rentals


We seek to forge meaningful connections and appreciation. As such, we place great importance on bartering as a method of increasing accessibility and subverting the concept of a capitalist transaction. If you wish to barter for part or all of your stay, please take a look below at our current needs. If there is something not listed below that you feel good about offering as a trade, please get in touch to discuss it.


Equipment for cooking on the fire-pit (grill, cooking tripod, dutch oven with legs and flanged top, utensils)
One small black writing desk (approx 36″ wide by 18″ deep)
Fishing line and tackle
Fireplace tool set
Wool blankets
Plants suitable for an edible forest
A-frame ladder
A light chainsaw
Tree-tapping equipment
Lifejackets of any size
Solar energy equipment
Old windows
Pruning shears
Sturdy outdoor broom
A good saw for logs
CSA share or similar
Black or dark grey throw pillows
Tinctures, herbs, or other prepared medicines


Paint window and door trim
Paint all interior doors
Clear out rubbish shed
Build enclosed porch/mini greenhouse on existing porch
Remove damaged dock
Repair floating dock
Fill gap along of of bedrooms wall and ceiling – between joists
Build garden beds using old dock parts stored on-site
Remove carpet, single bed frame, and wall panelling in bunkie
Assemble double bed frame in bunkie
Replace missing window screen for one window (approx 18×24″)
Affix assembled barrel-compost onto stand, stored on-site (how-to video)


Fishing and hunting skills
Solar energy conversion
Foraging and herbalism skills
Tree tapping
Bird identification
Singing lessons/workshop
Or propose a group weekend workshop that you could lead