Reflections of the year gone by and visions of the future.

Wow! I haven’t been much for keeping things that up to date here, news-wise. So many great things happened in 2017.

We shared space and energy with so many great folks through fun hangs, retreats, barters, and neighbourly walk-abouts.

Many hands make light work, and it feels like we have a bit of a community forming of folks who are investing their efforts into the space to benefit the experience of all who visit and gather. In this past year, folks have installed and painted trim, created inspired art, assembled much a much-needed compost bin, and strung a bi-pride flag up the flag pole. Folks have brought recreational gear, art supplies, books, games and kitchen equipment. Friends have split and stacked wood, installed solar twinkle lights to help guide some ways, cleared out and organized one of the sheds and moved out some large old furniture.

We’ve been learning the land and engaging in restorative practices. We’ve been gathering to learn and to teach. We’ve been dancing on the iced-over lake under the full moon. We’ve been gathering medicines and lunches. We’ve been giving care and nurturance.


I am so excited for all the fun collaborations and adventures we will share in the coming year. There are already a pair of beautiful summer retreats in the works, some pals have been hatching plans to update the bunkie, we’re moving forward with investigating the integration of solar power, and we’re introducing more edibles into the landscape. I can’t wait to see what else unfolds as we glide into spring.

If you are interested in hosting a retreat or workshop, or you wold like a space to explore collaborative ideas and ways of relating, please get in touch. Let’s make our dreams reality.


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