Witching Hour: Textile Retreat – Call for Submissions


Bubbling indigo, scarlet mushrooms and crafted looms 

Stained fingers dipping into foggy lake water

A moment of dyeing, boiling, weaving

Twisting the pH of a vaporous cauldron

It’s a witching hour



Witching Hour: Textile Retreat is a three day, two night intensive workshop on natural dyes. Ranging from foraging mushrooms, and understanding the nuance of indigo, to individualized explorations of weaving and tapestry looms, this comprehensive retreat instills the balance, wisdom and magic of natural textiles.


Hannah Zbitnew is a textile designer, junior cobbler and textbook Cancerian. Her work mainly revolves around witches, women, space and memory. She lives in Toronto.
Madeleine LeBlanc is a practicing costume designer & fibre artist based in Toronto. Studying at Central Saint Martins and OCAD university. Between stitching and experimenting with natural dyes, she can usually be spotted with a pestle & morder, a carnelian crystal and some tarot cards.
Rachel Ormshaw is a practicing weaver and fibre artist, based in Toronto & studying at OCAD. When she’s not dyeing a linen warp midnight blue with indigo, she can often be found stumming an original song or casting a wholesome spell.

The cost of the three day retreat is $250, and it includes:

– A three day stay at the serene, lakeside Moonshadow Cabin; three bedrooms, electricity, potable water, shower, wood burning stove

– Delicious meals included (vegetarian), plus tea and snacks

– Three workshops: Mushroom Dyeing, Indigo Dyeing and Hand Tapestry Weaving

– A tapestry loom of your own to take home

– A variety of natural materials/fibres (encouraged byo fibre)

– A hand made, naturally dyed tapestry of your making

– A small sketchbook of your notes and samples from the lessons



For entry, please email witchinghourtextileretreat@gmail.com with the following:

-Your name

-A paragraph (about 100 words) on why you’re interested in this retreat, and a bit about yourself

-2 to 5 images of past work (not limited to or requiring textile work)

All submissions are due by June 25th!
On August 1st participants will be notified, and payment is due on August 15th.


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